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Assuming you mean James I of England (also James VI of Scotland) he had two sons and a daughter. The eldest son Prince Henry died at 18, the second son became Charles I who was executed in the English Civil war.

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King James II had a total of nine sons by two wives and two mistresses. These sons were James Francis Edward Stuart; James FitzJames, 1st Duke of Berwick; Edgar Stuart, Duke of Cambridge; James Stuart, Duke of Cambridge; Charles Stuart, Duke of Kendal; Charles Stuart, Duke of Cambridge; Henry FitzJames; James Darnley; and Charles Darnley.

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I met a man at church, Bishop Robert Taylor, who is descended from King James. He grew up in castle in Scotland and is now an 88 year old man residing in Pittsburgh, PA.

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King James I was the father of Charles I. King James II was the father of James (the warming-pan baby).

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Q: Who were descendants of King James I?
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