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jack the ripper

Mary ann cotton

William palmer

Amelia dyer

Burke and Hare

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Jack the Ripper is possibly the most infamous.

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Probably Jack the Ripper.

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Q: Who were some famous Victorian era criminals?
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Who is the most famous Victorian?

Queen Victoria, for whom the Victorian era was named.

Why was the steampunk keyboard famous in Victorian times?

It wasn't. A steampunk keyboard (keyboards did not exist in the Victorian era) is a keyboard styled with Victorian era aesthetic.

Are saints Victorian?

There are some Victorian era saints but not all saints are Victorian.

Who are some famous 1920s criminals?

Some famous 1920s criminals include Al Capone, John Dillinger, and Bonnie and Clyde. These individuals were involved in organized crime, bank robberies, and other illegal activities during the Prohibition era.

What are the names of some eras?

The Elizabethan Era The Victorian Era And the Jacobean Era Hope this helps :)

What were some popular tombstone quotes during the Victorian era?

A popular tombstone qoute from the Victorian era is "requiescat in peace" Also "Good friend for Jesus". Many people used Persian poetry in the Victorian era.

What was the era before the Victorian era?

There were a number of eras that were between the Tudor era and the Victorian era. The era were in the following order after the Tudor era came Stuart era and then the Georgian era which was followed by the Victorian era.

What are some Victorian era figures of speech?

Some of the Victorian era figures of speech are epiphany, bathos, synecdoche, trope,and allusion. The Victorian era had several figures of speech that are still used today. One figure of speech was "fit as a fiddle." Another was " wring their necks."

Was the Victorian times before edwardian times?

Yes, The Victorian era was 1837-1901 and the Edwardian era was 1901-1910 Because the Victorian era is named after Queen Victoria, and the Edwardian after her son who came to the throne on her death

What are some Victorian-era inventions beginning with O?


Who was the most notorious criminals of the Elizabethan era?

The most famous Tudor criminal is John Travolta.

What is a kristy rho?

A Victorian-era sandwich. No, she is not a Victorian-era sandwich. She is a UNICORN!