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Were called emigres.
They became emigres and their French Estates were claimed by the state.
The Emigres.

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Emigres are the French nobles who fled the country, lived abroad, and plotted against the revolution. Emigre simply means 'migrated out'.

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They were the emigres and they lost their French Estates, but managed to avoid the guillotine.

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Q: Who were the French nobles who fled the country during the French Revolution?
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What percentage of the population were the nobles during the french revolution?

Approximately 1.5% of the population of France was nobles during the French Revolution.

Where did the nobles during the french revolution get their money from?

the nobles received their money from the taxes that the third estate paid.

What were the names of the nobles who left France during the French revolution?

who was francois perrot

Which groups were in conflict during French Revolution?

It was the Third Estate against the nobles and the clergy.

Who won the french revolution villagers or nobles?

nobles :D

French nobles who fled France at the start of the French Revolution?


Are nobles against or for the king in the second estate of the French Revolution?

The Nobles were pro Monarchy.

What did Louis xiv dislike?

Nobles and French Revolution

How did the Rise of bourgeouise lead to the French revolution?

The Nobles fled the country, the clergy was jailed and exiled and the people tried to put the nation back in order.

What did people do during the french revolution?

Generally, the working class and the peasants were not killed, though sympethisers of the bourgeausie were. The upper class and the nobles were usuually guillotined.

What three groups form because of the french revolution?

nobles who belonged to first who b

How is the old regime a cause of the french revolution?

Prior to the French revolution, there was a huge distinction between the rich and the poor. The French people were living in extreme poverty while the nobles were living it up and running the country into debt. The French people simply became fed up with this and wanted a new, fair system of government in which they would no longer be frivolously ruled. These are the main points of why the old regime caused the French revolution.