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The Germanic tribes that settled in Britain after the Romans departed were called the Angles, Saxons and Jutes. They were brought over to England as mercenaries by the Celtic petty-kings to help in their struggles between each other. The Gremanics, when they realised their opportunity, brought more of their peoples over from Germany and took over. Ftom them comes the later name England (Angle-land) and the term Anglo-Saxon. Today we still have continental names Saxony in Germany, and and Jutland (Jute Land) in Denmark (Dane-mark)..

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The Celts. Pronouned Kelt. Not Selt, as the Boston Basketball team would leave you to believe.

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Q: Who were the Germanic tribes that settled in Britain after the Romans departed?
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What were the germanic tribes that settled in Britain after Romans departed were called the?

Angles (from which Angleland = England), Saxons (from present day Saxony in Germany) and Jutes (from present day Jutland Peninsula in Denmark).

The Germanic tribes that migrated to England from Scandinavia after the departure of the Romans became known as what?

Type your answer here... D.Anglo-Saxons

How did Britain's religion changed when the Romans came facts?

Before the Romans came, the people there were pagan. After a while, however, the areas settled by the Romans adopted Christianity.

What peoples invaded and settled the island of great Britain?

The Romans The Angles the Saxons The Jutes, The DANES The Normans

What year did the Romans leave Britain after invading?

After the Romans departed, being recalled to face the invasions into western Europe, they left rule to Romanised British kings, who fought amongst themselves and imported soldiers from the Germanic Angles, Saxons and Jutes. These soldiers realised the opportunity and imported more from their own tribes, and took over from the Britons.Then came waves of Vikings to the east coast who, having looted it bare, settled there to make a living.Then came the Normans (Norse Men), who were Vikings who, having looted northern France bare, had settled there (Normandy) to make a living. They took the oppportunity of seizing the south of Britain while more Vikings from Norway provided a distraction by invading the north of England (Angle Land).

What Romans belief and practices did Europe's Germanic rulers adopt?

The belief the Germanic rulers adopted from the Romans was Catholicism.

What does England name means?

It is the land of the Angles, one of the Germanic tribes to invade in the Middle Ages

Who settled in England the Celts or the Normans?

The Celts or Britons were the people who lived in Britain before the Normans, Anglo-Saxons or Romans invaded; and they are still there.

What happened after Romans pulled out of Britain?

Germanic peoples, the Angles, Saxons and Jutes from northern Germany and the Frisians from northern Holland, migrated there in waves and took the island over.

Why didn't the Romans make the Germanic people their allies?

The Romans considered them barbaric and when an alliance was tried it ended in the Germanic tribes ambushed and defeated three Roman legions in the Teutoburg Forest. The Romans were never able to conquer Germanic territories east of the Rhine river.

Why Romans stop using watling street?

The Romans stopped using the watling Street because they left Britain. Roman legions were removed from Britain several times. The first time there was a redeployment to Gaul to fight the Germanic invasion. The other times they were taken to the continent by usurper emperors. Besides the sharp decline in the number of troops there were also attacks and settlement by the Angles, Saxons, Jutes and Frisians. In the end the Romans left Britain altogether.

Who Invaded Romans land?

Germanic peoples, the Vandals, Alans, Sueves, Alemanni and Burgundians invaded Gaul. The Angles , Saxons, Frisian and Jutes migrated to Britain in waves and took it over.