Who were the coureurs du bois?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The coureurs du bois are the "runners of the woods", they traded things like furs but they had everyone displeased with them because they were supposed to marry the filles de roi to increase the french population but instead they were marrying native woman which was not a good thing for the french

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Q: Who were the coureurs du bois?
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Why did the days of the coureurs des bois come to an end?

The days of coureurs des bois ended because the coureurs des bois were bringing to many pelts in so the king set them free

What is a sentence for coureurs de bois?

Many trappers became coureurs de bois or "woods runners" in French.

Did king Louis use the coureurs des bois to get the beaver pelts?

No. The coureurs de bois wereon there own.

Which first nations people were hostile to the coureurs de bois?

- Iroquois were hostile to the coureurs de bois because the coureurs de bois were siding with the Huron, when the Iroquois were threatening the hurons, and the Iroquois disliked the hurons.

Why do we have festival du voyageur?

To commemorate the French voyageurs, "coureurs de bois" or explorers who explored North America and created settlements.

Did the coureurs de bois teach aboriginals their language?

Quite the opposite! The coureurs de bois learned the languages of the First Nations people.

Where did the coureurs des bois come from?


Coureurs des bois?

Runners of the wood.

Who did the coureurs de bois trade with?

Coureurs de bois traded with Aboriginal people for furs, and then traded the furs to European merchants for money or goods.

Define coureurs de bois?

runner of the woods

Coureurs de bois were French what?

Yes they were French!