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Children born from 1929 until late 1941, distinguisherd form children born during
WWII and baby boomers, born form 1946 until 1964.

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Q: Who were the depression era babies?
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What was the era before the era of good feelings?

The Great Depression.

How do you use the word era in a sentence?

Here is a sentence for you, i ! When writing was invented, a new era was created. era is awesome My parents grew up during the hippie era of the 1960's. Sammy Sosa and Mark Maguire are players from baseball's steroid era. Her grandparents were depression era babies. Were the 1960's an era of peace and love or drugs and overdoses? Charles Dickens writes about England in the Victorian era. The reviews are related to the new era.

Why do people of maycomb have no money?

Its the depression era.

The era of the 1930s is known as what?

the great depression

How did Depression Era movies affect Americans?

Depression era movies helped sustain national morale, and acted as a form of escapism during a troubled time.

What was the era from 1920 to 1940 called in England?

The Depression

What Great Depression era President?

Herbert Hoover

Was the economy stable in the 1930s?

No that was the Great Depression era.

Why aren't women in the pictures of depression era soup kitchens?

There were women in pictures of depression era soup kitchens. Men, women, and even children can be found in these pictures.

What era followed the Great Depression?

The baby boom generation was born after the Great Depression. They were known as the hippies so I suppose the Hippy era. also world war 2 was straight afterwards and actually was the reason the great depression ended

What era of music of did the baetles played?

First, it's The Beatles. Second, the era was during, probably, the depression.

What do the hobos' tales reveal about Depression-era poverty?