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Q: Who were the french agents who collected taxes and administered justice?
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How did the Hurons run their trade network?

The Hurons ran their trade networks by acting like agents to trade with the french for European goods.

What does the death of Robespierre signify for the revolution?

Robespierre's death is seen as the last chapter in the Reign of Terror and a revival of equality and justice within the French Revolution. It did not reflect well on Fraternity and Liberty.

Who was Louis XVI's financial advisor?

Mainly Colbert who helped create a mercantilist french state by setting strict codes for the guilds to follow to ensure that French products would be desired by other country who would import them. He also reformed the military, founded the Chamber Justice, and helped create the five great farms a duty free trading site.

What is the impact of French Revolution on France in everyday life of the people?

the revolution led to many changes in France. the revolution led to development of new political forces such as democracy and nationlism. The revolution also gave new meanings and ideas to the political ideas of the people . The reign of terror largely administered by Danton and Robespierre saw the behadine of many members of the royalty including Marie Antoniette and countless others who were members of the French court. As France struggled under ineffective leadership that changed very little . Napoleon was able to return from a campaign in Egypt and seize power with militry help. French culture was the emergence of middle class.

What was Jacques Cartier's job?

he was a french explorer

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How do you say justice in french?

Justice is spelled the same in French: la justice (fem.).

In French is justice masculine or feminine?

In French, the word "justice" is feminine and it is "la justice."

Who is Thomas French justice of the peace?

Thomas French was a justice of the peace in Norfolk

How do you spell justice in french?

"Justice" is spelled the same in both English and French.

What does justice mean in french?

the answer is simply justice lol just there is a accent in french haha xD

What Mainland district is north of Brazil and is administered by France?

French Guyana

How do you say justice please in french?

Justice s'il vous plait

Who sunk the rainbow warrior?

Two french agents

Is justice a french name?


What is the french translation of justice delayed is justice denied?

La lenteur de la justice est un déni de justice.

Who is in the x y z affair?

Three French agents.

Who is chief justice in Australia?

Robert French