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Dilken not funny!

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Q: Who were the mongols chief Asian rivals?
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What made the Mongols cruel?

The mongols were a nomadic war tribe, they often used raiding war parties to conquer and overcome rivals.

Which Asian invaders ruled Russia from the 13th to 15th century?

the mongols

What parties became the chief rivals starting in the 1850s?

The Republican-Democrats became chief rivals, as it says in your Civics book, which you should be using for this instead of Answers.

What central Asian people created the world greatest empire in the 1200s?

The Mongols.

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Where were Athenian's main rivals from?

Athenians main rivals where from Sparta. They fought in the Peloponnesian wars.

The Mongols developed a nomadic society in their Central Asian homeland with an economy based on .?


What Asian people conquered china and russia?

The Mongols Conquered China,Most of Asia and Half of Russia

How the Mongols lived?

Nomadically. They live in yurts, which are essentially huge tents that can be folded up and moved around. The Mongols live in the Central Asian Steppes and follow the grazing patterns of the livestock they follow.

Who were the Mongols in the middle ages?

The Mongols were another Central Asian tribe. The Mongols attacked West Asia and weakened the power of the Turks and the power of the Mongols increased rapidly. The established their hold over Southern Russia and across Central Asia into China. The Mongols embraced Islam.

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