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they both became friends again

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Q: Who won the battle in Naruto vs Sasuke shippunden?
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Who won on naruto and sasuke's final battle?

Chuck Norris.

Whos better Naruto or Sasuke?

sasuke,because in all there battles sasuke won over half

Naruto is more powerful than Sasuke?

They are equal in Power .During their latest battle, Sasuke won (it was very tight though), it is unclear who will win this time.

What is Naruto volume 25 about?

It is about Naruto and Sasuke Fighting in the Valley of the End. However, Sasuke won with a transformation. In the middle, Sasuke thought about the old times when Itachi was here.

What episode is Naruto and Sasukes final battle?

FINAL FINAL battle hasn't occured, at least not in shippuden, they havent fighted again, neither in the manga, their first battle was in the valley of the end, their second was in Orochimaru's hideout, and sasuke tecnically won the two, they havent fighted again though

Who won naruto or Sasuke in Shippuden?

naruto wins becuse he had a loaf of power a toad sage he turns all yellow to defeat sasuke

Who won Naruto or saskue?

Sasuke won the 1st fight and would not go to konoha

When Naruto saved Sakura who won Naruto or Sasuke?

No one won really. It was a tie and the fight itself was really just talking.

Who won between Naruto and Rock Lee?

If you're talking about the crappy fight Lee had with Naruto, before Lee fought Sasuke for the first time then obviously Lee won.

What is so special about valleys end on Naruto?

Madara Uchiha and The 1st Hokage faced off at this place back at the beginning of the Hidden Leaf Village. The 1st Hokage won and later Naruto fought Sasuke in a desparate attempt to keep him away from Orochimaru, Sasuke won and the first part of Naruto concluded.

Who wins demon naruto or curse mark Sasuke in the episode?

Naruto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Because, it may look like sasuke won but he didn't, naruto actually fell asleep in the original 1995 manga. he fell a sleep from exuastion and nine tail tiring out naruto's body during the fight with all the chakra. Plus, in the original manga from 1995, sasuke cusre mark form, the to giant "wings", as people call them,that gave sasuke are actually two giant hands and extra boost in the fight. and naruto woke up one minute after the fight not when kakashi rescued him. But Sasuke's Still better =) Naruto did not win in that fight. Naruto also held back in the beginning because his memories with Sasuke got in the way. If Naruto wouldve got back up from the Chidori and Rasengan collision, he wouldve won just because after the final attack, Sasuke was pretty weak.

How did Naruto lose to Sasuke?

Sauskes Sharingan was toughter than Narutos Nine Tails for the moment so when the rasengan and chidori collided naruto lost and therefore sauske won...