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There was more than one but the generally such a question refers to Upper and Lower Canada and the answer would be John Lambton and the Durham Report.

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Q: Who wrote a report that helped Canada eventially establish self rule?
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What were the main points to the Durham report?

Upper and Lower Canada be joined. Canada have a responsible government. Those Canadians should take care of themselves.

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When did Canada get freedom from England?

I believe it was in 1846-1865. I'm not too sure, but I'm thinking it was then. Hope it helped! Please.... only add something if you know for sure its right. but thanks anyway for the effort Actually the British Commonwealth of Nations (in 1931) gave Canada complete freedom... I studied it In the Rebellion of 1837, rebels lead By William Lyon Mackenzie fought the government in order to be treated fairly by the government. (The government only gave money to the rich and friends). They made the point clear and many rebels and solders were killed because of it. This rebellion was the last of many rebellions made from Canada. England sent Lord Durham, to go down to Canada and see how Canada (at that time called Colonies) could be improve. he suggested in his report that the colonies should unite and declare independence from Britain. At first the idea was forgotten but 128 years later the idea was brought back up in 1865. The government of England and the colonies discussed independence and 2 years later, Canada was created. Sir John. A Macdonald was assigned the first Prime Minister of Canada. _____ Canadians don't use the term "Freedom from England". We gained independence July 1, 1867. At that time Canada became the Dominion of Canada and were no longer a colony. A variety of reasons contributed to the formation of Canada - American expansionism, Fenian raids, Riel crisis. Although it took a number of events over the coming decades before Canada was seen as completely independent (see Vimy Ridge, King-Byng Crisis, Constitution Repatriation), Canada evolved from colony status to a fully independent country. Using the phrase "get freedom" implies and American style revolution, but Canada remained loyal to the Crown through out the transition.

What impact did senator Gerald Nye's report on the cause of us involvement in world War 1 have on us foreign policy?

the report strengthened isolationist statement in the United States

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Who wrote a report that helped canada?

Many reports 'helped' Canada, but one of the better-known ones is the Durham Report, written by Lord Durham in the early 19th century, which advocated responsible self-government for Canada.

Who wrote a report that helped Canada evevtually establish self rule?

Lord Durham's Report eventually led to 'responsible' government in the pre-Confederation Province of Canada.

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Who wrote a report that eventually helped Canada gain the right to self rule?

John Lambton, also known as Lord Durham, wrote his Report on the Affairs of British North America, recommending a form of responsible government, although it was rejected at the time.

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