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Geoffrey of Monmouth

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Q: Who wrote the history of the kings of Britain?
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Who wrote the history of the kings of Kashmir?

kings of Kashmir, written in Sanskrit by Kashmiri Brahman Kalhaṇa in 12th century CE.

Who wrote the history of kings of kashmir?

kings of Kashmir, written in Sanskrit by Kashmiri Brahman Kalhaṇa in 12th century CE.

Where can one find a list of all the kings of England?

One can find a list of all the Kings of England from Wikipedia and Britannia. Britannia also has Monarchs, History of Britain as well as the Kings of England.

What has the author Geoffrey of Monmouth written?

Geoffrey of Monmouth has written: 'The history of the kings of Britain' -- subject(s): Legends, Arthurian romances, Celts, History

What was the role of King in Israelite history?

what was the role of kings in israelites history

Why is the History of the Kings of Britain an unusual British history?

The â??History of the Kings of Britainâ?? by Geoffrey of Monmouth is considered unusual because it asserts a widely contested historical premise many claim to be fictitious. The book claims King Arthur, King Lear, Cymbeline and other fables were real people.

What has the author Aude Mairey written?

Aude Mairey has written: 'Richard III' -- subject(s): Kings and rulers, Great Britain, Biography, History

Who wrote the book of 1 kings?

The Books of Kings were written by an anonymous author now known as the 'Deuteronomist', as part of the Deuteronomic history, during the reign of King Josiah. So, 1 Kings chapters 1 to 9 were written by the Deuteronomist.UnknownThe author is considered by many to be unknown, although Jewish tradition ascribes it to Jeremiah.

What has the author Barbara Yorke written?

Barbara Yorke has written: 'Nunneries and the Anglo-Saxon royal houses' -- subject(s): History, Convents, Monasticism and religious orders for women, Women in politics 'Kings and kingdoms of early Anglo-Saxon England' -- subject(s): Kings and rulers, Anglo-Saxons, History 'The conversion of Britain' -- subject(s): Church history, History

Who wrote the hymn king of kings Majesty?

I think Jarrod Cooper wrote it.

Who sings check yes Juliet?

we the kings.

Why the bibles kings wrote on stone?