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After the War of Independence in 1857, sir Syed started working to bridge the gap between Muslims and British but he was accused of being pro-British. This perception was due to some reasons. When the war of 1857 had broke out, sir Syed was working as a chief judge in Bijnaur. He saved the lives of many British women and children. This made the Muslims unhappy and they labeled him as a traitor. Another thing which may have become the reason was that he advocated scientific ideas and western education. In his Urdu journal Tahdbib-ul-Akhlaq he asked Muslims to gain scientific knowledge and western education whereas the Muslims at that time considered scientific education as un-Islamic. Thirdly he advocated English as the medium of education and that Muslims could only get their right when they will know how to speak English. Also to counter the Hindus, they would have to know how to speak English. These reasons may well support that why was Sir Syed Ahmad accused of being pro-British.

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Q: Why Syed Ahmed Khan was accused for being pro british?
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