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An uneven foundation or repeated loads will sometimes cause a small crack. Then, rain water will get into the crack. If the water freezes or evaporates, it will expand and cause more damage. Also, repeated loading of vehicles driving on cracks will deteriorate the road even more.

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Because they are shaped like the bottom of a pot hense the 'pot'hole

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Q: Why are holes in roads called pot holes?
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Where does the word pothole come from?

The word pothole comes from when the roads were just clay and people would remove the clay to make pots, resulting in holes in the road hence the name "pot holes".

What are those hole covers called that are in the middle of roads?

They are called man holes, or manhole covers.

Are there pot holes in the sky?

A "pot hole" sinks in like a pot... The sky has a hole in it per say... It's called the hole in the ozone layer...

What is caused when water enters in cracks in the asphalt on roads and cars run over these cracks pushing the water into the asphalt and breaking it apart?

Pot holes

What are the causes of development of pot holes?

Pot holes develop due to a combination of factors including freeze-thaw cycles, heavy vehicle traffic, poor road construction, and water seepage into cracks in the road surface. Over time, these factors weaken the pavement, causing it to deteriorate and form pot holes.

Who is responsible for poor conditions of streets in Canada?

Winter weather causes more pot holes and other wear and tear on roads compared to southern areas. It is the Government's responsibility to maintain roads, however you will find damaged roads in northern, winter intense U.S. cities as well.

Why are there channels filled with tar at intervals across cement-concrete roads?

Where cracks form in the asphalt/concrete, repair crews fill the cracks with tar to keep water from seeping in and widening the cracks into pot holes.

Why do people call pot holes chuck holes?

Probably because the small ones remind them of the holes woodchucks make.

How to improve road construction in village of rewari?

Road construction in the village of Rewari can be improved by patching the pot holes, as well as reinforcing them with concrete and steel rebar. Since climate and dust storms play a role in the construction and maintenance of the roads, it would also be necessary to keep the roads clean of debris.

Why are roads called roads?

Because they are roads.

How many pot holes are in Tulsa?

There are alot of them but im not sure of the count!

What could a pool of standing water be hiding on a road?

deep pot holes