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Its Edward VI, not Edward VII.

Edward VI (12th October 1537 - 6th July 1553) aged 15. He died from tuberculosis.

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Q: Why did Edward VII die at the age of 15?
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How did the Black Prince die?

Prince Arthur, born as Arthur Tudor, was the son of King Henry VII of England and Elizabeth of York. He married Catherine of Aragon and they resided in Ludlow Castle. Six months after they moved in, Arthur died from an unknown ailment at the age of 15.

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The queen of England has three sons name them in age order?

Queen Elizabeth II is Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The title "Queen (or King) of England has not existed for over 300 years. She has four children in total (including a daughter the Princess Royal. They are: 1. Charles Philip Arthur George born 14 November 1948. 2. Anne Elizabeth Alice Louise born 15 August 1950. 3. Andrew Albert Christian Edward born 19 February 1960. 4. Edward Antony Richard Louis born 10 March 1964.

When did Louis XIV become King?

He reigned from 1643 until 1715. He became the King at the age of 4, had his coronation in 1654 at the age of 15.

Who was Henry VIII and Jane Seymour's son?

Their son, Edward, became King of England after Henry VIII died, being his only legitimate living male heir. He died soon after, at the age of 16, which led to chaos. Some of his advisors conviced the very Protestant Edward that if his oldest sister Mary, who was next in line for the throne, became queen, she would restore Catholicism to England, so they got Edward to put Jane Grey into the line of succession before he died. She famously ruled for a few days before being executed by Mary (Henry VIII's first child with his first wife Katharine of Aragon) who is better known as "Bloody Mary." After her death, Elizabeth, Henry VIII's second child by his second wife, Anne Boleyn, became Queen and led England into a very successful period.

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he died at the age of 15

When did edward the 6th die?

1553 he died at the age of 15

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What did edward 6 die of?

Tuberculosis on July 6th 1553 at the age of 15.

Hery the eighth?

Henry vii was the 2nd Tudor king He had 2 daughters and 1 son unfortunately edward his son died at the age of 15

How did King Edward King of Henry VII die?

King Edward VI was always a very sickly child throughout his life. At the age of 15 he died of tubercolosis. However, many schools were made in the memory of him in Birmingham, the last in 1882, King Edward VI Aston School, a grammar school, which is the school I go to!!! Imran Marashli, 13, Birmingham

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