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The government of the new nation of India was set up as a parlimentary democracy, similar to governments in Britain, Germany, and other western nations.

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Q: Why did India form a government like Britain's after gaining independence?
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Who was most directly in gaining independence for India?

Mohandas Gandhi

This nation was partitioned just prior to gaining its independence in 1947?


What happened as a result of India gaining independence?

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How important was the Gandhi march to gaining independence?

Gandhi played a vital role in gaining independence although india would stel have gotten there independence, they would have just got it a few years late, Gandhi helped in raising awareness about what was going on, he was like the symbol or the center of India.

Which indian leader led a movement that brought india its independence in 1947?

Mohandas Gandhi was instrumental in gaining independence from the United Kingdom. His policy of nonviolence brought about India's freedom in 1947.

Who is the head of the government in British India?

Britain gave India its independence in 1948, so there is now no British India.

When gaining their independence India and Pakistan fought a war over?

Kashmir region - in north side of both the countris.

What event resulted in the British government taking over India?

The people of India revolted and after WWII India was granted their independence

Who was most directly involved in gaining independence for India?

Mahatma Gandhi lead the Indian people to their Independence, even though he was assassinated before India's independence against the BritishJawaharlal Nehru was the first Prime Minister, he had worked for many years with Mahatma Gandhi and others for independence.^^ -TAL

How did Gandhi's act of civil disobedience affect the British?

Gandhi's act of civil disobedience, particularly the Salt March, increased international attention on the Indian independence movement and put pressure on the British government. It also led to greater unity among Indians and weakened British colonial authority in India. Ultimately, it contributed to India gaining independence from British rule.

When did India become a member of the United Nations?

30th of October, 1945. This was despite the fact it was a British Colony, only gaining independence in 1947.

Which of the following describes a similarity between the British colonies in India and Palestine during the Cold War?

After gaining independence, territory in both former colonies was divided due to religious conflicts.