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Q: Why did Sophie not appear to accept her award from the 1815 competition?
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Why did Sophie germain not appear to accept her award in the 1815 competiton?

because she was not accepting person

What three awards did carl Hayden win at the competition?

Carl Hayden won the Excellence Award, the Innovate Award, and the Inspire Award at the competition. These awards recognize excellence in competition performance, innovation in robot design, and inspiration as a team.

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He will accept the award on Saturday

What was Sophie Germain's greatest achievement?

she was the first women to win an award.

What is A contest for an honor or an award is called?

a competition

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To receive an all conference award in cheer, you can try to be the best, or go to the Sharp competition. The Sharp competition is a conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. Most of the time,it is international.

What was Sophie germains greatest acomplisment?

she was the first woman to win a award and becoming what she wanted to be a mathematicians.

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No. theres a reason it's called a competition

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the compensation under the Workmen's compensation act in India is awarded by the commissioner appointed under the Above act. the award if it is not acceptable to the parties can be challenged in appeal before the High Courtoperating in the area. the person who does not accept the amount awarded need not accept the award and can challenge the same. the award can be challenged within a period of 90 days from the date of notice of the award .

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Stargirl had won a silver plate from the "talk-off" competition.

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Because he thought he was not worthy of it.