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Sun Tzu (孙子, deferential address), whose name is Sun Wu (孙武), was born in a wealthy family, which provided him a good learning environment. When he was young, he had read a lot of military classics and felt deeply attracted. And the age of chaos gave him chances to witness numerous victories and defeats on the battlefields. After a lot of studies made, he summed up valuable experience which he was confident in. Everyone wants his thoughts proved in practice, so did Sun Tzu. He was eager to use the tactics to serve Qi (齐国, his homeland) but despaired by the corruption of Qi's ruling class. He decided to leave and went south to Wu (吴国, a newly rising kingdom) where he heard of the king was preparing to wage a war against another large kingdom Chu (楚国) and was hiring intellectuals. In order to meet the king, something was needed to introduce himself so he presented his work, the Art of War (maybe one or two volumes of it). Soon the king grant an interview to him and was very glad to talk with him. After some further tests, he was appointed the chief military adviser and general. Under the leadership of Sun Tzu, Chu's army was suffered great losses when encountered with Wu's. Thus, Wu's hegemony among other kingdoms was established. Briefly, the Art of War was his proposition, the means to fulfill his aspiration.

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Q: Why did Sun Tzu write the Art of War?
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What is the art of war?

It was a book that was written by Sun Tzu on the art of war.

What is Art of war?

It was a book that was written by Sun Tzu on the art of war.

What is the book by Sun Tzu?

'The Art of War'

Can you still get a copy of the Art of War by Sun Tzu in Public libraries?


Who wrote the art of war?

Sun Tsu wrote it, around 500BC. This is Chinese History, by the way, not European History

Who created the Divide and Conquer strategy?

Sun Tzu mentions it in his "Art of War" writings.

Who wrote a famous book on military strategy?

Sun Tzu wrote "The Art of War"

What is the name of the famous book on battle strategy written by Sun Tzu?

It is called The Art of War.

Author of the book 'art of war'?

Technically it is by Sun-Tzu from like 300 B.C. but people have translated the book.

Book of warfare written by a Chinese or Japanese general Can not remember his name?

'Art of War' by Sun Tzu (544 - 496 BC)

What books is Sun Tzu famous for?

Sun Tzu was an ancient Chinese general. He is believed to have lived from 544-496 BCE. He wrote the book The Art of War. This book was and is still a great influence in both Asian and Western culture.

Who are some military philosophers?

one of the greatest and perhaps the best was one named Sun Tzu. most famous for his manual "The art of war"