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William Pitt sent his troops to North America to battle the French. Pitt wanted full control of North American and in order to have that he needed to send the French out.

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Q: Why did William pitt send the military to America?
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What was Trotsky's Red Army's role in the October Revolution?

Trotsky's Red Army had no role in the October Revolution, since it was not yet in existence on October 25, 1917. Trotsky's Bolshevik dominated Military Revolutionary Committee (MRC) within the Petrograd military garrison is the military force that had a role in the October Revolution. The soldiers in the garrison gave their allegiance to the MRC instead of to their own commanders when the Provisional Government was about to send the garrison to the front to fight the Germans. The MRC thus turned the Provisional Government's own military force against it. The Provisional Government was powerless to stop the Bolshevik military coup that was the "October Revolution."

What is zimmerman during World War 1?

Zimmermann was a person and the Foreign Minister in Germany's government. He was the one to send the telegram that bears his name to Mexico to get them to invade America so the US would stay out of the war in Europe.

Was the Japanese and Germans working together in World War 2?

The Japanese, Italy, and Germany became the Axis through the Pact of Steel, though they did not send much military aid and usualy didn't inform each other of an attack on the Allies (like in pearl harbour Japan didn't tell Germany or Italy they were going to attack). So they were working together but they didn't send any armies to help each other.

Marshall Plan and the Truman Doctrine?

The Truman doctrine was a speech and a written document made by President Truman of the United States of America promising aid to countries threatened by communism. The Marshall Plan was a plan to send aid to countries in Europe that were struggling to recover from WW1. It consisted of $17bn and food aid as well.

Why did europeans send expeditions to North America?

After Marco Polo brought back the things from Asia and wrote a book about his adventure the trade for goods from Asia was wanted by Europe. The only route was over the Silk Road which was long, dangerous, and costly. Shipping technology began to be developed which opened the door for seeking a water route to Asia. The man or nation that found it would be very rich. The finding of North America was an accident and it was far larger and richer in resources than they expected.

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Why did pitt send send the military to America?

William Pitt sent his troops to North America to battle the French. Pitt wanted full control of North American and in order to have that he needed to send the French out.

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