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Many people believed that they didn't want to be governed by a country an ocean away, and it took many days to be able to send messages, so there is very low communication, and they wanted to trade to a place nearby. Then, on 1867, 4 colonies, Canada West, Canada East, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick joined together to make the dominion of Canada, and then, the other colonies, like British Columbia, joined later on.

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Q: Why did canada leave the british empire?
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When did Canada leave the British Empire?

After the end of the French and Indian War, Great Britain, for winning the war, gained Canada (along with Florida and all land east of the Mississippi River, but they later lost all of that). <3

When did the British empire approve of Canada?

The British Empire took complete control of Canada (from France) in 1763, and it became independent (part of the British Commonwealth) in 1867.

What was an advantage of Canada being in the British empire?

Whilst Canada was in the British Empire Britain was burdened with the main responsibility and expense for defending these territories.

Why does Canada trade with Canada?

Probably because Canada is part of the British Empire.

How successfully was Canada ruled by the british empire?

Very successfully. Canada did not fight to leave the British Empire, even today it is part of the Commonwealth. Canada is a great country and at one time had one of the highest standards of living in the world. Even today Canada has a good standard of living and is often thought of as having one of the highest quality of living.

What did the British empire get from canada?

Poooo and weee

How rule of the british Empire effected on the Canada?

it granted canada its independence.

What food did the british empire get out of Canada?

Maple syrup.

Why was Canada an important country to the British empire?

It wasn't

When did Canada join the British empire?

The British took Canada from the French during the French and Indian War. The War was over in 1763. In 1867, The colonies of Canada (Ontario and Quebec) with New Brunswick and Nova Scotia became the Dominion of Canada.

Why did Canada join British empire?

Canada didnt join it was fought over by the French and British in which the Brits ended up winning therefore becoming part of her empire.

What date did Uganda leave the british empire?