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Cause he i s gai tht i s y.BYE BYE FAT KIDS!

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Q: Why did charles 1 marry henrietta maria?
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Who was King Charles 1 married to?

King Charles 1 was married to Henrietta Maria of France. They got married on the 11th of May 1625.

Who married king Charles the 1 and when?

Henrietta maria married Charles 1 in 1625 June 13th

When did Charles 1 marry?

King Charles I was married to Henrietta Marie of France on May 11th of 1625.

What is the origin of Maryland?

It was named arter Charles 1 wife Queen Henrietta maria.

Namesake of Maryland?

Maryland was named in honor of Queen Henrietta Maria, the wife of King Charles I of England. The name "Maryland" combines her first name, "Mary," with the Latin suffix "-land" meaning "land of Mary."

What was the reaction when Charles 1 married Henrietta Maria?

He was violently sick everyday, at the sight of her face.

What day did King Charles 1 married?

Charles was married by proxy to Henrietta Maria in front of the doors of the cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris on 11 May 1625. Henrietta Maria was the youngest daughter of King Henri IV of France and Marie de Medici.

Why did Charles 1 attempt to arrest the five members?

Charles' wife was Catholic and information reached Charles that parliament intended to impeach (arrest/put on trial) his wife, Henrietta Maria because she was Catholic.

What religion was Charles II?

Charles 1 was a Protestant, he then married Henrietta Maria, which caused problems between Parliament and King Charles 1. He made changes to the church for Henrietta Maria, which caused even more problems between Parliament and King Charles. Henrietta Maria, was a French Catholic, If King Charles was a Catholic, and then married a Catholic, then religion wouldn't be problem, as then England would already be a Catholic, but King Charles was a Protestant, and married a Catholic. Which wasn't approval, for Parliament, This answer, answers a lot of question, not just what religion Charles 1 of England.

Why was Charles 1 marriage a problem?

Charles 1, Was a protestant, But She was a catholic.

Who was the queen consort of King Charles 1?

Henrietta Marie

What religion was Charles 1's wife?

Charles I's wife was Henrietta Maria of France, a devout Roman Catholic. She faced challenges in practicing her religion openly in Protestant England during their marriage.