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because they thought it meant no freedom

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Q: Why did colonist put a skull and crossbones on their stamp?
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Why do they put skull and crossbones on kids clothes?

Good question... I have no idea... makes no sense to me

What does a Sword stabbing a skull and crossbones mean?

Alritey then, a sword thru a skull and crossbones can mean a lot of different things, but let's take them in order. 1. Definitely it could be a PIRATE thing, many pirates made up their own flags with their favorite icons on them....They were almost always put on a black background because a black flag was a sign of 'NO QUARTER'... 2. With the sword going thru the skull and crossbones it could be a sign of anti-pirates.....pirate hunters were known to chase down the criminals for the reward.... 3. the first and last definition of the skull and crossbones is 'DANGER' and of course, 'POISON'......In ancient times a cross roads might be marked with a skull and cross bones to let travelers be wary of hiwaymen, pirates on the land. 4. It just might be a really nifty design that somebody likes.. Hope this helps................B

What are the taxes the king put on the colonist?

The colonist were not being recognized in parliament and no longer lived in England...........basicly the wanted a better goverment. The King was unfairly taxing the colonist which meant that they were loosing money to the king and becoming poorer.

What is the prepositional phrase in don't forget to put a stamp on the envelope?

on the envelope.

How did colonist protest the Stamp act?

they protested against the stamp act by hanging up dolls the dolls represent the people who put taxes on stamps paper and things like that they hung up a sign saying the holly of England and the ruin of America

What do you put the stamp on in poptropica?

You put the stamp on the letter, which you mail to get on Reality TV Island

What is meant by affix stamp here?

attach or put the stamp there

The stamp act was required a stamp put on what things?

It was a tax on all paper goods and legal documents. The stamp was put on to verify the tax was paid.

What movie star was put on a postage stamp?

I believe that Elvis was put on a postage stamp. A handsome stamp, that was. Also, Marilyn Monroe received that honor,.

Do you have to put a new stamp on returned mail?

if the stamp is not cancelled you can resend it without another stamp

Do you have to put a stamp on freepost?


Did the colonist agree with the sugar act and the stamp act?

No, the colonists didn't agree with the Sugar Act and Stamp Act. The colonists protested because each act put taxes on stamps, sugar, molasses and more. Colonists thought it was unfair to them because the British were taxing them. They protested at the side of more acts and they eventually had the Revolutionary War.