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A. Catholicism from Europe mixed with native beliefs of the native americans to form new religions with rituals like El Dia de los Muertos.

B. Europeans coming to Americas to explore leads to the Slave trade which tortured Africans

C. Triangular trade explain that :P

D. Europeans colonizing the empires in the Americas, explain it a little


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Q: Why did global interaction change the early modern world?
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How did the international role of Europe change from the Post classical period to the early modern period?

The international roles of Europe during the Post-Classical Period and the Early Modern Period differed by the amount of interaction with the rest of the world, the trading status with other countries, and the overall power of Europe compared to other countries. When Europe changed from the Post- Classical period to the Early Modern Period, the international role of Europe changed. Europe went from being focused more on the Northern west area, Europe became a more powerful trading counterpart and they began to explore and colonize.

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The word since existed in Early Modern English.

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