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Thomas Paine called for a revolution and he challenged the colonists to cut their ties with the British government. He wrote that people should rule themselves.

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Q: Why did many delegates feel that the colonies should cut their ties with Britain?
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What was one of the effects of this war on the American colonists?

Some scholars believe, America may have enjoyed the highest standard of living in the world by the time the Revolution was drawing near. Overseas markets for timber, tobacco and rice expanded as did demand in the colonies themselves. Imports grew and trade among the colonies expanded. The new economic sanctions, legislation and taxes enacted by the British government, however, led colonists to believe this economic prosperity was about to end

How did the British Empire not benefit its Empire?

I think it is fair, at least I hope it is, to say that Britain did well for the Empire. I also hope that those who were subjected to British rule, for as long as it lasted, do not feel that the British are too bad a lot. I am British, but I do not see myself now as a master of anything other than a small piece of real estate in UK. It was the way things were then. I am not going to be apologetic about what the British did, yes, we didn't get it right all the time. But it is the thrust of my point that there have been many, far worse Imperial powers in history. In some instances Britain did benefit its colonies. And if all you think we did was to spread Cricket & Christianity then there are worse things than those in this world.

Why did France and Spain help the Americans in the American revolution?

Splitting off the Thirteen Colonies would weaken Britain greatly thus improving their positions on the world stage. With British troops occupied trying to suppress the rebellion, there was the possibility that France and Spain could make territorial gains elsewhere in the world. France hated the British with a passion, almost to a fault. They felt anything they could do to harm Britain would be good for them. The French financial assistance during the Revolution bankrupted them but they continued to feel it would be worth it as revenge for the seven years war. Spain's help was very late in coming and negligible when it arrived. The main if not only reason for Spain to get involved was to regain Gibraltar and keep the areas of North America they controlled (Florida for one) from falling into British hands. Spain's help for the American colonists was not late and most importantly under no circumstance negligible, if Spain did not help France and the American colonists, the British would have surely defeated the Independence movement of the thirteen colonies. Spain was ask by the king of France to form an alliance against Great Britain. The French king was very aware that he needed Spain and the Spanish colonies to help them defeat Great Britain. Spain's colonies of Mexico, Cuba, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic all helped tremendously in sending soldiers, sailors, war materials as well as a great deal of monetary help for the cause of the American Revolution. Years before Spain declared war on Great Britain in 1779, the great Spanish General Bernardo De Galvez of Spain were providing the American colonists along the entire length of the Mississippi River from the Gulf of Mexico to as far north as Canada with food, medicine, guns/cannons, gunpowder, uniforms and money. Bernardo de Galvez defeated the British all along the Mississippi River at various British forts; pushing the British out of the lower half of the North American continent. The Battle of Pensacola was one of the most hard fought important battles of the American Revolution and it was de Galvez who defeated the British forces at the Battle of Pensacola. Therefore, with these Spanish victories, the British were prevented from attacking the American colonists from using the western and southern fronts of North America as a staging ground to attack the thirteen colonies.

Alaskan boundary dispute?

The USA used threats and promises to get Britain to agree that the USA should take whatever land they wanted. Though they had purchased only two islands off the coast of Canada, they took all the land needed to block the Yukons access to the ocean and taunted Canada to respond. Canada, particularly Ontario and Quebec, did not feel it worth defending their western province and allowed the USA to take land that was rightfully British Columbia's.

Why did shivaji feel the need to crown himself the king?

why did shivaji feel the need to crown himself the king

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What was the impact of salutaty neglect on englands colonies?

The American colonies did not feel any loyalty to Britain. After centuries of controlling themselves, they did not feel that the British could step in and order them around.

What impact did the war have on the colonies?

Right now we are in the year of 1783 and the Revolutionary War isover! I am a Patriot and I think that the cause of the Revolutionary War was the conflict between the Thirteen Colonies and Great Britain. The Americans wanted their own country and were tried of being ruled by Great Britain. I believe that we should be independent and we should be our own country! We shouldn't be paying taxes to The King of Britain! What for? The King of Britain doesn't do anything for us! Not Fair! Our leader is General George Washington! I don't feel that we are being treated fair by The King of Britain

What did many delegates feel that the colonist should cut their ties with british?

you should say to your teacher said that you taught me nothng from your one and only Gianna cusumano

How did the delegates to the secong continental congress feel?


Why does John Dickinson feel that the colonies should resolve their differences with the british?

To avoid war.

Why did the colonies feel it was important to win the war against Britain?

probably because England was trying to take over the planet and people did not want that and so they rebelled

Why did Thomas Hutchinson feel the colonist should remain loyal to their mother countrygreat Britain?

Because Britain is the one that gave him the authority to be governor.

How do you feel about Britain taking over India?

No country should take over another country.

Why did many delegates feel an Electoral College was necessary?

because they felt like it

What did most of the delegates to the philadelphia convention feel should happen to national government powers?

Many of the delegates at the Philadelphia Convention argued for a stronger national government, as one of the weakness of the Articles of Confederation was that it created a weak national government. The Constitutional Convention was held in 1787.

Why do so many gurkhas want to live in Britain?

because they feel that britain is a better place to be and that because the british saw potential in them they feel they want to live in britain

Where did the British Dutch and the French had colonies?

how did Spain feel about french and british colonies in the sothest