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The glorious revolution did not create democracy, but a type of government called limited monarchy, in which a constitution or legislative body limits the monarch's powers. English rulers still had much power, but they had to obey the law and govern in partnership with Parliament.

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Because they went ten years without a king and instead was under military rule

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Q: Why did many people welcome the return of the English monarchy?
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What happened in 1600?

Many things happened in the 17th century. Some notable events include the founding of Harvard University in 1636, Cape Town, South Africa was founded in 1652, and the return of the English Monarchy in 1660.

Why did restoration in england happen?

Because Cromwell had failed to make a satisfactory plan for his succession. The eldest son, Richard Cromwell, was appointed as the next Protector of the Realm, but had neither the talent nor the inclination to fulfil the role. The English had got tired of military rule, and welcomed back the Stuarts in the form of the Merry Monarch, Charles the Second.

Why did Jacobins such as Maximilien de Robespierre argue that France's king and queen needed to be executed?

Jacobins such as Maximilien de Robespierre argued that France's king and queen needed to be executed to protect political changes; i.e. to avoid a return to absolute monarchy. Apex: To protect the political changes made during the French Revolution

Harding's progressivism faded as the people wanted to return to a normal life after World War 1?

This statement is partly true. After World War I, the United States began a push to Ã?return to normalcyÃ?, and Harding was elected president by making a promise to return to a normal way of life. Harding was one of the presidents that has been labeled as ending the Progressive Era.

Why was it hard for people to return to normal after World War 2 when things was far from normal?

because they had just returned from killing thousands o japs and nazis

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What does feliz regreso a clases mean in english?

Happy return to classes. (Welcome back to school)

What was the return of the monarchy called?

The Restoration. The throne was restored to the monarchy.

What was Joan of Arc's quest?

Joan of Arc's primary mission was to lift the seige of Orleans and lead Charles VII to Reims for his coronation as king. Beyond this she also wanted to drive the English from France.

Did war veterans returning to the us get a hero's welcome by American people?

Of course they got a heros welcome! Only a few people did not rejoice at their return, America loves its soldiers

What did Joan of Arc want to accomplish?

She wanted to drive the British out of France, unite the French people aand return the French monarchy.

What does Retour a toi mon ami Vous etes tres bienvenu mean?

It is a literal translation of the English: "Return to yourself, my friend, you all are very welcome."

What was Joan of Arc's mission?

Her mission was to drive the occupying British army from France and return the French monarchy.

Who was the king that was restored in the restoration of monarchy?

The king that was restored in the Restoration of Monarchy in England was King Charles II. After the English Civil War and the subsequent period of Commonwealth, monarchy was reinstated with the return of Charles II to the throne in 1660.

What are the ratings and certificates for Monarchy with David Starkey - 2004 The Return of the King 3-1?

Monarchy with David Starkey - 2004 The Return of the King 3-1 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:G

What group favored return to monarchy during Russian revolution?

Tsarists, supporters of the tsar's reign. Mostly, they were people who had influence and power under the tsar.

Congress of Vienna made what decisions about France?

To return the Monarchy to France.

Why did the common people of Rome want to end the Monarchy?

It was not just the common people who wanted to end the monarchy, it was all the citizens. In fact, it is thought that the rebellion which led to the deposition of the last king of Rome and the abolition of the monarchy was led the patricians, (the aristocracy). The rebellion occurred because this king was a tyrant. The republic was established to prevent anyone from concentrating power in their hands and prevent the return of tyranny.