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Because the Australian people understood that in a democracy everyone has the right to representation,The government of the day has no right to impose their ideology on the people. The constitution controls what laws may or may not be passed under these circumstances not the government of the day. RB

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Q: Why did people in 1951 vote no in the referendum to ban communist party?
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Why was the communist party dissolution introduced?

The dissolution Act was introduced to the Australian public as a referendum question as a reaction to the building anti communist anti Soviet rhetoric coming out of the USA. This question was put to the people of Australia in 1951. But was voted down by the people and so the act was never passed or enacted.

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Did people accused of communism get executed in the communist trials of 1950?

Many people were accused of communism in the 1950s but the only people executed were Ethel and Julius Rosenberg in 1951.

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menzies achieve was that he was able to make people so scared of communist and win the vote in the election of 1951

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