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scientists can study the layers of ice to see how the earth changed throughout the decades.

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Q: Why did people want to explore polar and Arctic regions?
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Why do people explore the polar regions?

People explore the polar regions for more resources (like a patch of oil) or maybe a new animal.

Is the polar the arctic?

Yes and no. The Polar regions include both the Arctic and the Antarctic.

Does the polar bear live in the Arctic or Antarctic region?

Polar bears live only in the northern polar regions - which includes the Arctic and Arctic Circle regions. They do not live in the Antarctic.

Is the arctic northern or southern hemisphere?

Northern hemisphere polar regions are called the ARCTIC. Southern hemisphere polar regions are called the ANTARCTIC.

Where are the polar regions in North America?

The Arctic

What are 4 climatic regions?

There are tropical regions, polar regions,Arctic ReGIONS temperate regions

Why do people explore polar regions?

to know how to survive thereTo find new areas of the polar and to find some animals such as; polar bears, seals , and so on.

In which area can you find polar bears?

polar bears live in the northern Arctic regions

What animals can be found in the polar ice regions?

In the Arctic: polar bears, walruses, and seals.

the oceans surrounding the north polar and south polar regions respectively. ?

Arctic Ocean

Do polar bears live in the Arctic regions of the south pole?

The south polar region is called Antarctica, and there are no polar bears there, only in the Arctic North are they found.

Why do scientists explore polar regions?

there is a lot we don't know about polar regions and undiscovered things did to it being remote, vast and unpopulated.