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Peter the Great wanted to mondernize Russia and to become a powerful naval coutnry. To improve his nation's position on the seas, Peter sought to gain more maritime outlets.

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Q: Why did peter seek to expand Russian territory?
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Bismark wanted to isolate France, as well as expand Germany's boundaries, and they wanted to strengthen their army.

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In 1917, the revolution transferred their support of Alexander Kerensky to Valdimir Lenin. The Russian people despised the war that the tsar had gotten them into because it created starvation and misery. Thus, Lenin promised to the end the war with Germany, so when he came into power, the first thing he did was sign an armistice that released thousands of Germany troops from Russia.

What was the harsh peace settlement dictated by the allies at the end of world war 1?

It was called the Treaty of Versailles which said, among many other things, that the German military was to be held to 100,000 men who could only keep order within the German territory. Germany was made to accept responsibility for all damage done during the war, although the Allies acknowledged that Germany would never be able to pay for all damage done. The Allies agreed to seek reparations for specific civilian damages only. Germany had to relinquish control over all of their foreign territories. Alsace-Lorraine territory was returned to France and a demilitarized zone was established along that border to allay France's fear of further German aggression. Polish territory was returned to Polish control.

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