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they had to self-sufficient very quick or will not survive

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Q: Why did pioneers push west into the frontier?
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What are the ratings and certificates for Pioneers of the Frontier - 1940?

Pioneers of the Frontier - 1940 is rated/received certificates of: USA:Approved

People who moved to the frontier were called what?

homesteaders pioneers Some were homesteaders because they were offered land to settle in the West.

What has the author Martine Courtault written?

Martine Courtault has written: 'Going West, cowboys and pioneers' -- subject(s): Cowboys, Frontier and pioneer life, History, Juvenile literature, Pioneers

Why Did The Pioneers Travel To The Frontier?

pioneers traveled through the frontier for many different reasons but the main reason is that they were running out of space and more people were moving in

Why did pioneers move to the frontier in the 1800s?

homestead act

What is the duration of Pioneers of the West?

The duration of Pioneers of the West is 3360.0 seconds.

When was Pioneers of the West created?

Pioneers of the West was created on 1940-03-12.

What part of the west did the pioneers travel?

many pioneers traveled west to bufflalo

What do you call 19th century american frontier settlers?


Why did the pioneers go west under such harsh conditions?

The heat of the east motivated the pioneers to move west.

What are the release dates for Pioneers of the West - 1929?

Pioneers of the West - 1929 was released on: USA: November 1929

What did the pioneers ride to go to the west?

Pioneers rode on a cover wagon. They also walked when going to the west