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This practice of having colonies was called Imperialism and there were several reasons for it. This was durinbg the time of industrialization, when nations were building factories and mass-producing things. Colonies were a way to get cheap natural resources and cheap labor. They also created new markets for selling the things that the factories produced. More than just an econimic issue, colonies were a badge of status. The more colonies a nation had, the more powerful it was. It was basically a competition between the nations.

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Q: Why did so many European Nations acquire colonies in Africa between 1870-1914?
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What was the main reason European colonies set up colonies?

England hope to acquire wealth from the colonies by getting Natural Resources, taxing goods traded in the colonies, and selling its own goods to the colonies.

What did the European Explorers trade with the First Nations?

European explorers traded goods such as beads, cloth, metal tools, and weapons with the First Nations in exchange for furs, food, and other resources. This trade allowed both groups to acquire goods that were not readily available in their own regions.

Why didn't us acquire colonies in Africa?

America wasn't as focused on Imperialism as, say, France or Britain. Also, much of Africa was divvied up between nations by the 1880's.

How did the US acquire its land in Virginia?

Well, Virginia was one of the 13 original colonies, so they didn't have to acquire Virginia.

Where did Austria colonize?

During the Austro-Hungarian Empire the Monarchy unsuccessfully tried to acquire extra-European colonies. However their only colony, which they controlled for the short period of 16 years, was in Tianjin (now China).

What are scholar's talking about when they discuss economics?

They are talking about how nations acquire wealth.

How did the English acquire most of the land in the middle colonies?

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Which nation was Spain's graetst European rival for exploration and the search for riches?

Portugal was Spain's greatest European rival for exploration and the search for riches during the Age of Exploration. Both nations were eager to claim new territories, find new trade routes, and acquire wealth through colonization and trade.

Why were expansionists eager to acquire colonies?

Resources,slaves to convert natives to their religion but mainly

Why were the European so eager to colonize America?

to acquire gold, silver and other treasure

What did the US feel could happen if Japan conquered European colonies in southeast Asia?

Japan would acquire oil, rubber and other strategic raw materials and be better equipped to fight its war against China and challenge the US position in the Pacific.

What was a major motivation for European exploration?

One major motivation for European exploration was the desire to find new trade routes to Asia in order to acquire valuable goods like spices and silk more directly. Another motivation was the pursuit of wealth and power through establishing colonies and expanding territory. Additionally, the search for new lands and resources to exploit also drove European exploration.