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becuase daam n i g g a s dont understand s h i t

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Q: Why did southern delegates at the democratic convention cause so much trouble?
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What political party was in power 1994?

Bill Clinton was the President in 1994. He was a democratic, but the Congress was majority republican, so he had trouble passing a democratic agenda.

Why did some delegates refuse to sign the final draft to the constitution?

because they didnt want to get in trouble with some of the other sttes

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Why did southern states pass black codes?

the black codes were a way for the southern states to still have "slavery" but without getting in trouble from the union

How did the Watergate scandal get its name?

The Watergate was a hotel in Washington DC, and also an office building, where the offices of the Democratic Party were located. The Republican party, led by president Richard Nixon, wanted to find out the strategies the Democrats were planning to use in the up-coming elections, and several Republican operatives broke into the Democratic Party's offices to do some spying. This became known as Watergate because of the location where it occurred.

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Why did Lincoln's election prompt the secession of the southern states?

Lincoln's election prompted secession of the Southern slave holding states because the southern slave-owning class viewed the election of an anti-slavery administration as a mortal threat. Though not an abolitionist, Lincoln was an opponent of slavery and determined to use all means at his disposal to stop its spread.

Which group would have been MOST likely to have had the most representatives at the South Carolina Constitutional Convention in 1868?

i dont know. i am having trouble with the same question on usa test prep

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Did the Emancipation Proclamation end slavery in the US?

somewhat. it was supposed to, and it mostly did, but in some southern states they still had some trouble freeing their slaves. hope this helped!

Why was it that the Estates-General really did not help out the third class?

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