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They hoped to establish trade with China, Japan, and the Indies without having to go throught middlemen in west Asia and the Middle East.

The motive of conquering, plundering, and exploiting the lands that these expeditions discovered arose only after they were discovered, that is, after the expeditions and not before then.

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Q: Why did spanish rulers fund voyages of exploration?
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Why did the Spanish rulers fund voyages of exploration?

Maybe to to gain glory and increased skills in navigation

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King Ferdinand and queens Isabella of Spain funded his voyages

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Why did Christopher Columbus help Spain?

because the spainish would only fund his exploration if he indeed helped them. since no one else would fund his voyage, columbus was forced into helping

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Columbusâ??s discovery of the â??West Indies,â?? which was funded by the Spanish monarchy, prompted the King John II of Portugal to fund the search for India. A conflict arose between Spain and Portugal over discovered lands, which caused the Treaty of Tordesillas and the line of demarcation to go into effect dividing lines east of the line to Portugal and west of the line to Spain.

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