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appease the british

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Q: Why did the Chinese emperor build railroads weapons factories and shipyards?
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What Chinese emperor thought to defy?

emperor chen

Who was emperor wu?

emperor wu was the only female emperor in the chinese dynasty

What color did the emperor wear?

the Chinese emperor wore yellow

Who inventeted paper?

A Chinese emperor the first emperor named Ch'in

How do you write emperor in Chinese?

皇帝 (Huángdì) (Simplified Chinese.)

What was the job of a Chinese emperor?

The role of Chinese Emerors were to rule over china.

First Chinese emperor?

Marco polo

Who was the greatest emperor in Chinese history?


Who was the Chinese emperor when king john signed the manga carta?

Emperor Ningxong of Song.

Which emperor reign was the Chinese terracotta soldiers built?

The emperor who wanted the Terracotta Warriors was Qin Emperor Shi Huangdi.

What descendants do all the Chinese consider themselves to be?

Because of Yellow Emperor's many great accomplishments, all Chinese consider themselves the descendants of Yellow Emperor.

How do you say hail the emperor in Chinese?

Hail the emperor' in Chinese translates to 'Bīngbao huangd?'. While pronounced the same there are two written versions of this quote in Chinese writing depending on if you writing traditionally or simplified.