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The Gullah language developed because the slaves of the coastal Carolinas and Georgia needed a way to communicate with each other. They had been torn from various parts of West Africa and various languages. They never learned proper English. The Gullah language developed following the pattern used by all such Creoles.

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Q: Why did the Gullah language develop?
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What factors might have lived enslaved people to develop a language such as gullah?

Gullah developed over time. It used English and African words. This helped slaves speak to each other without worrying about others overhearing.

Why did the Gullah dialect appear in South Carolina?

white landowners stayed away from Gullah areas.

Where did the creole language Gullah endure longest?

The Gullah language endured the longest in the Sea Islands of South Carolina and Georgia. The isolated location and unique cultural heritage of the Gullah people allowed them to preserve their distinct language and traditions for centuries.

Where does the gullah language has its roots?

west african

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What is the name of the language that Africans in South Carolina developed by combining English and African words?

Gullah. It's a mix of English, Afrikaans, Creole, and I think also some French

What language do African-Americans on the Sea Islands of South Carolina and Georgia speak today that contains African words?

It sounds like you're talking about Gullah, also called Sea Island Creole English, or GeecheeGullah is a creole language spoken by an African-American population living in coastal regions of the American states of South Carolina, Georgia and northeast Florida (including urban Charleston and Savannah).The Gullah language is based on different varieties of English and languages of West and Central Africa.As of 2018 only about 500 people are native speakers of Gullah.

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