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Because at the time the Globe was made parts of the Earth were still undiscovered.

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Q: Why did the first globe show less land on the earth than there really is?
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The first people to use the globe to represent the earth were the?

the early globe predicted the existence of which two great land masses

What does the brown part of the globe indicate?

The brown part of the globe indicates the earth which means part of land on earth.

Does a globe show more water or land on the earth?

A globe shows more water than land on Earth, with about 71% of its surface covered by water and the remaining 29% covered by land.

What percentage of the globe contains deserts?

33% of the earth's land surface is cover by deserts.

What sphere contains all of Earth's land?

A globe represents Earth's entire surface.

Spheres of the earth?

The actual shape of the earth comes extremely close to being an oblate spheroid. This is a sphere that bulges a bit at the 'equator'. _______________________ A "spherical model of the Earth" is a "globe". National Geographic sells some very nice ones.

What is the highest amount of desert land area across the globe?

Deserts make up 33% of the land area of the earth.

Why is it warmer near the equator than near th poles?

it is because since the earth is round, the light penetrates it first, than the land around the peak of the globe

What was the first animal to land on the moon?

there was no animal to land on the moon.No one has ever seen an animal in space appart from earth so really there is no living thing in any planet appart from Earth.

What is a synonym for earth?

world, planet, globe, sphere, orb, ground, land, terra firma, soil

How do you know that the earth is covered with water?

because if you look at a globe the earth is not only covered in water but also land where we live in....... hope this has helped you : )

Is there an land on the tip of the globe?

There is no land on the tip of the globe but there is some on the bottom.