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Like European canoes the Canadian First Nation canoes were made of local materials but were much more suited to conditions found in Canada.

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Q: Why did the french like the first nation canoes?
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What was the job of the coureurs de bois?

The lifestyle of the coureur de bois wasn't perfect. They traveled 70-100 miles a day trading furs to the first nations. However, in their times of trouble the first nations helped them through everything. They taught them all these survival skills and acted like true friends.

What was the name of last European nation to stake a claim in the new world?

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What was London like during the French Revolution?

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What were the french rulers like in the 1600-1700's?


What was the outcome and the effect on the homelands of the American and French Revolutions?

Well, the American Revolution ended up with the United States. In short, that's what the outcome was. As for the French Revolution, it didn't end so nicely. The French weren't lucky enough to have leaders like the American Revolution did. Their leaders were into bloodshed, and they killed a ton of people, tried to establish a democracy, but their efforts failed. Once again, as some politicians, namely Alexander Hamilton and John Adams, prophesied, they were back under the spectrum of despotism, but this time under Napoleon. The American Revolution influenced the French in that they were spurred to start their own revolution. The French, however, split the nation further. To some, like Thomas Jefferson, the French Revolution was just the French embodying the American cause, and those who agreed with him gravitated towards the Democratic Republican party. But to others, like Alexander Hamilton (ever terrified of mob rule), the French Revolution was a horrifying scene of anarchy and despotism, and those turned to the orderly British government as a better model - the Federalists. So here was another issue the country was split over. In addition to fiscal policies and authority of the government, there was now the question - what country are we to align with?

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What was the first invecions?

The first inventions were things like canoes and cooking pots and clothes.

How did the French try to strengthen their position against the British in their relationship with the First Nation?

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Can you explain what a Aztec canoes?

The Aztec Canoes were basically like small fishing boats which they used to catch fish to eat.

How did the French try to strengthen their position against the British in their relationship with the first nation peoples?

I seriously have no idea like ahhgshagahjsagd sorry fer the unconvinice! :P ♥

Why did Aztecs use canoes?

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When did the kalinagos use canoes?

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What were the canoes for the corp of discovery made of?

Well there was a dugout canoe that weighed 2000 lbs. but they made the canoes out of logs and trees. They made 2 replacement canoes that took a week to make because all they had were tools like axes. They would have to work 12 hrs. a day just to make them. So basically the canoes were made of wood from trees and logs. I hope that helps.

Does the entire nation of Canada speak french?

No, the entire nation of Canada does not speak French. While French is one of the official languages of Canada, along with English, the majority of Canadians speak English. French is primarily spoken in the province of Quebec and in parts of New Brunswick, Ontario, and Manitoba.

What are the native boats in polynesia called the one canoe like thing with a sail?

Outrigger canoes.

What was Chinook Indian traveling like?

Chinook Indians traveled in canoes that were carved from cedar logs.

What type of technology do the anishinabe people use?

Stuff like snow shoes and canoes.

What is the dependency east of Suriname?

French Guiana is the dependency that is to the east of Suriname.Specifically, French Guiana is an overseas department of France. Unlike neighboring Suriname, French Guiana therefore is not an independent nation. Like Suriname, it shares a southern border with Brazil.