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The Tainos hated the Kalinagoes because:

1. The Kalinagoes raided their villages and destroyed their lives

2. They took away Taino woman / wives

3. They would kill the Tainos and drink their blood because they thought it showed bravery

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They wanted land and the women.

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Q: Why did the kalinagos attack the tainos?
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Who were the tainos enemies?


What are the areas which the tainos and the kalinagos like to settle near?

The Kalinagos and Tainos loved settling in areas around the water bodies.

Which TWO islands did the Kalinagos and Tainos share?


What are the differences between the Tainos and Kalinagos?

The Tainos were a peaceful Arawak people who inhabited the Caribbean islands, focusing on agriculture and fishing. In contrast, the Kalinagos (also known as Caribs) were a more warlike indigenous group who dominated the Lesser Antilles and relied on hunting and gathering. The Kalinagos were known for their fierce resistance to European colonization, while the Tainos were more open to interaction.

Why did kalinagos migrated to the lesser antilles?

the settled in dominica Puerto Rico etc.

Give THREE difference and THREE similarities of the Tainos and Kalinagos?


What is the name of an amerindian group?

Tainos, Lucayanos, Borequinos, Igerian,Kalinagos(CARIBS)

Which 2 islands did both the tainos and kalinagos settle?

they settled on the coast

What are the differences and similarities between Tainos and Kalinago?

both tainos and kalinagos were subsistence farmers growing food mainly for their own needs and with a little left over for trade crops were then planted in the ashes after the slash and burn method. Some Tainos used slightly more advanced method. Maize was widely grown in the Greater Antilles yet tainos and kalinagos did not rely on field for all their food sorry but i cannot find anything else :(

How did the tainos and kalinagos interact with each other in trade?

The Tainos and Kalinagos had conflicts due to competition for resources like land and food. However, they also engaged in trade, exchanging goods such as food, tools, and even women, to establish peaceful relationships and access resources not available in their own territories.

Who were the first Indians Columbus encountered?

The people Columbus encountered are known as the Tainos.

Why did the kalinagos captured the children and women?

they fought against the Tainos and killed their men and enslaved the women and children. It was just away to show that they're powerful.