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America was not a country yet until english and french people first came. It was full of Native Americans until the early 1800s. The english and french were very powerful and had the opportunity and chance to first come to America. They wanted to come to America because european countres are too small.

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John Smith was sent to America and came to look for bullion. He founded Jamestown along with his crew. They endured harsh conditions that they were not prepared for and ended up abandoning the settlement. The problem was since they came for bullion, all they wanted to do was look for bullion and not do any work for the settlement. It has been floating around that a form of socialism was tried, but the problem with that was that since everyone was guaranteed their rations, the lazy people would not do their fair share of work so all of the work fell in the hands of a few people.

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yes they did...the only people who didn't immigrate to America and the native americans.....everyone else is an immigrant

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Q: Why did white people first come to America?
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