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Some Canadian's Speak French because during the time of Immigration to "The New World" settlers came from France, and England, who took over Canada. Most Canadian's are indeed English, however in the central part of the country they have larger masses of French speaking populations.

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Q: Why do people from Canada speak English and French?
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What do french people do in Canada?

Even though Canada is bilingual, only one province has French and English as their official languages. In Quebec they speak French as their first and everywhere else it is English

What language do people speak in central Canada?

English and French

What languages do people speak in Winnipeg Canada?

French and English

Where do people speak English French AND English?

People speak English and French in Canada, particularly in the province of Quebec where both languages are official. English and French are also spoken in many countries in Africa, such as Cameroon and Senegal, due to their colonial history.

Is English or french spoken in Newfoundland Canada?

English is the predominant language spoken in Newfoundland, Canada. French is not commonly spoken in this region.

What are the two official languages in Canada?

English and French are the main languages in Canada.68% of Canada speak English as their first language.12% of Canada speak French as their first language.The remaining 20% speak one of the dozens of Native Canadian languages as their first (these native ones are not official languages because there are so many)

What is people first?

Originally they were french, the french and English had a huge war over who got Canada. The french won that's why they speak french and English.

What languages do people speak in Canada besides French?

English is the language spoken by a majority of Canadians. French and English are Canada's Official Languages and they have equal status.

What territory in Canada doesn't speak French or English?

well Quebec is mostly bilingual with many people who speak French. other territories do speak partially in French as well as in English. I live in BC and speak both.

Why do most people speak french in Canada?

Most people in Canada do not speak French as their first language. English is actually the most widely spoken language in Canada. However, French is one of Canada's official languages, and it is the first language of the majority of people in the province of Quebec, as well as in some parts of New Brunswick and Ontario. Additionally, the Canadian government has implemented policies to protect the French language and promote bilingualism.

What language do people speak in?

People speak English in Canada. However, French is also an official language, particularly in the province of Quebec.

Do Canadians speak French?

It is one of them- Canada's official languages are English and French. However, more people speak English. French is the predominant language in Quebec and is also widely spoken in New Brunswick. There are also other pockets of French speakers across the country.