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Iona is a small island off the western coast of Scotland. It was a centre of Irish monasticism for four centuries. Christians go there as a place of Christian retreat, and to share in the onetime place of residence of the famous Columba (521-597).

Columba was exiled to Scotland because of a dispute in Ireland in which he was involved that resulted in a number of deaths.

His move to Iona was a turning point in his life, since Columba is credited with evangelising the Picts of Scotland, and turning the island into a school for missionaries.

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Well, it is said that this is where wild romanian gypsies breed, many Jewish donkeys believe that when the wild gypsies mate they give off Torah dust, the Jewish donkeys then collect this dust in their gills and transport it back to the Jewish homeland of North Belgium.

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because In 530 AD St. Columba travelled from Ireland and landed at Iona to convert the people to Christianity. He started a monastery here. people go to visit it!

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Stay at the 13th century restored abbey. Worship. Study. Work. Pray. Or if they are there just for a day, walk around this small and lovely island off the west coast of Scotland.

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To Tell others about God

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Q: Why do people go on pilgrimage to Iona?
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