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The Fortunes of English gentry have degenterated because they have had to pay for domestic costs in England.

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Q: Why have the fortunes of most of the English gentry degenerated?
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Among the English citizens most interested in colonization were unemployed yeomen and the younger sons of the gentry?

I'm not 100% sure, but almost 97% sure that this is true.

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What was the social system in Philadelphia like during colonial period?

There were several different social classes in Philadelphia during the colonial period. The top class decided on laws and regulations, the next was considered the gentry. Gentry ran most everything. Under the gentry were the middle class and then the lower class.

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How did wealthy gentry class differ from other classes during the Victorian era?

The Gentry Class of the Victorian Era was the upper class. The people in the gentry were usually part of the royal family, lords temporal, and the ecclesiastical (part of the church); the Queen was at the top. Most of the people in the House of Commons (the lower house of parliament) were of the genrty, but all of the people in the House of Lords (upper house of the parliament) were of the Gentry. They lived lives of ease and lavish activities like parties and dancing were usual pastimes the Gentry enjoyed.

Who was in the gentry class?

The gentry class typically included landed proprietors, wealthy merchants, professionals, and clergy in medieval and early modern Britain. They were a social class below the nobility but above the commoners, known for their wealth, education, and land ownership.

Why were the middle colonies successful in the American colonies?

Yes, the Gentry and Middle Classes had the most opportunity in Colonial times

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What was the social system in Philadelphia during the colonial period?

During the colonial period the Philadelphia social society had several groups. The upper group, highest social class of people, ran the government, laws, and churches. The social group beneath the upper class are called the gentry. The gentry owned most of the largest, profitable, lands. Below the gentry is the middle class and then the lower class citizens.

What system did the plague help weaken?

The Feudal system, since it killed off most of the peasant workers, leaving the gentry with no one to tend to their land.