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Richard Arkwright (1732-1782) was an English inventor and entrepreneur who became the wealthiest and most successful manufacturer in the early Industrial Revolution. He invented the water frame, which could spin many threads at once without much human supervision.

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Richard Arkwright was the inventor of the industrial cotton mill. He was also important in founding the modern factory system.

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Q: Why is Richard arkwright important?
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Is Richard arkwright alive?

Richard Arkwright died in 1792.

When was Richard Arkwright born?

Richard Arkwright was born on December 23, 1732.

What is Richard Arkwright's birthday?

Richard Arkwright was born on December 23, 1732.

When was Richard Arkwright junior born?

Richard Arkwright junior was born in 1755.

When did Richard Arkwright junior die?

Richard Arkwright junior died in 1843.

Richard arkwright hero or villain?

richard arkwright is seen as both villain and hero :

When was Sir Richard Arkwright born?

Sir Richard Arkwright was born on January 3, 1733.

What is Sir Richard Arkwright's birthday?

Sir Richard Arkwright was born on January 3, 1733.

What is the names of the parents of Richard arkwright?

Sarah and Thomas are the names of Richard Arkwright!!!! Go to Wikipedia!!!!

Was Richard Arkwright an exploiter or a genius?

Richard Arkwright is known as genius. He is known as a mechanical genius.

What was Richard Arkwright's dad called?

Thomas Arkwright, who was a tailor

How many children did Richard Arkwright have?

Richard Arkwright the youngest of thirteen children was born in Preston in 1732.