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China is so resistant to the western influence because they are a proud people who are very proud of their culture. China is also resistant to western influence because they have the financial power which can match that of the west.

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Q: Why is china so resistant to western influence?
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How did china got so resistance to western influence?

It's just really really proud of its heritage and culture. So It doesn't want the help or influence of other countries maybe.

What are the Differing responses of japan and china to western penetration in 19th century?

Japan liked the western culture and didn't want to fall behind technologically so they allowed the west to influence Japan, China was the complete opposite, they hated the West

In the late 1800s Western nations carved out spheres of influence in China in order to?

I'm not sure so don't take my word, but i think it was to gain special trading privileges.

What part of china has higher elevation the eastern or western?

North eastern China, so EASTERN.

How did western powers use diplomacy and war to gain power in Qing china?

it was so cool that it melted Qing China

Is Kung-Fu from China?

"Kung Fu" is a modern 'Western' phrase to describe all the martial arts of China. So, yes, "kung Fu" is from China.

What happened when western merchants reached china in the 1600s an 1700?

When western merchants reached China in the 1600's and 1700's they were at first surprised to find so many people in one place. They traded tea and spices with the Chinese at that time.

How did the influence of Daoism affect the role of women in China?

Daoism presented positive female role models, so it had a positive effect on the role of women in China.

Is the great wall of china in the eastern or western hemisphere?

It is to the right from Greenwich, so I suppose that it is on the Eastern hemisphere.

Why does the date of the Chinese New Year vary each year?

Because China got the lunar calender and the western calender so the lunar have to catch up the western calender so that's why

Why did Japan shut itself off from the world for 200 years?

Japan saw how China became nothing but a place for WEstern powers to misuse and take advantage of, and so to avoid becoming destroyed by other nations Japan closed themselves off from the outside world. They were trying to preserve their culture and freedom from outside influence.

Why did China attack India?

Because i think china is worried about growing influence of India on Tibet. So china thought to give a good lesson to India and its future that interfering in China's internal issues may result in strong response. And also India is not as strong as china at that time and had potential to grow stronger as much as china. So china don't want this to happen. so to created economic loss to India, it has waged a war