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if you want to win an ESSAY CONTEST FOR SCHOLARSHIP YOU HAVE TO DO YOUR RESEARCH!!! and NOT STEAL ANSWER FROM OTHER PEOPLE!!! i hope you dont WIN because you are not doing your part! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- No offense, but I agree with the person who originally answered this question. You have until July 4th to submit an essay, yet you are asking people to write the essay for you. Really!? Its a scholarship!!! If you expect to win, you have to put some effort into it. The judges want YOUR work, not the work of others. And, if you were smart you would look at the contest rules from the sponsers website.

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If you're going to apply for a scholarship, maybe you'd like to consider answering the question on your own. A little intellectual honesty, please?

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Q: Why is community development in the Middle East important to the US?
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Who imperialized the middle east region?

the middle east was a large aria to control but the most common answer to who imperialised the middle east is Germany throughout ww2 The only two countries that occupied lands in the middle east are England and France

What is the largest city in the Middle East?

The largest city in the Middle East is Istanbul, Turkey. Wicked common mistake, Istanbul geographically is part of Europe, and Tehran is the current largest in the middle east Istanbul Does not belongs to Middle easf it, Turkey is half in Europe and half in Asia. By any mean Tehran is the larget city in Middle east

Why is the middle east called the middle east?

According to an article in Foreign Affairs (Davison, 1960) the term Middle East was popularized by an American naval officer named Alfred Thayer Mahan in 1902, but it might have been used by the British during their years of colonialism in the region. China and Japan for example were considered to be the Far East so the region between the Far East and The West then became the Near East or the Middle East. Although at times in history the Near East denoted the Balkans, it now generally means the Middle East plus Turkey and Iran. The terms Middle East and Near East are eurocentric because they describe a region in relation to Europe or The West. Despite this, the term is now accepted and even people in the Middle East call it that (Al-Sharq Al-Awasat means Middle East in Arabic). The issue of why the Middle East is called the Middle East is an interesting example of how simple geographic names are emeshed in geopolitics and can shift in meaning over time.For a more detailed history read: Roderic H. Davison, "Where is the Middle East?" Foreign Affairs, Vol. 38, p. 665 -675. July 1960

What is the hottest Middle East country?

The hottest place in the Middle East is ((Kuwait City)) the temperature their once reached 146 F.

What did the Seljuk Turks do when they conquered the Middle East?

They adopted the Islamic religion and ruled the Middle East for more than 400 years.

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How is community development in the Middle East important to the US?

i see that you want to write an essay on this

Which geographic factor was most important to the development of the early river valley civilizations in the middle east?


Name and explain the most important market places in the middle east?

Mecca and Dubai are the most important market places in the middle east.

How would the location of the middle east have affected its development?

The Middle East's position on the crossroads of international trade has resulted in its central importance early in history. This is why the Middle East was the location of some of the earliest civilizations.

Why is Riyadh known as the Middle East?

Riyadh is not known as the Middle East. Riyadh is an important city in the Middle East and the capital of Saudi Arabia, but the Middle East has a lot more than just Riyadh.

How does the distribution of oil affect the development of middle east?

Brent huhn

Why is desolation so important in the middle east?

Desolation is not important in the Middle East. If you meant to ask about Desalination, please see the Relatd Question below.

Is tradition in the Middle East important?


A holy city in the Middle East?

There are many holy cities in the Middle East, but Jerusalem and Mecca are most important.

Why is the middle east an important world resource?

The Middle East is an important world resource because there is a lot of oil in that area which is useful. For example, gas for your car.

How was religion important to the development of the cultures of the Middle East?

the reason why religon is improtant in the Middle East is because it is every thing they beliveve in. Religoin is what they have a firm believe in because if there was no religoin...what do you stand for? why are you living? what is your purpose in life? who made you? who made the world you are standing on today? what happens when you die? You see religoin covers all these questions the people in the Middle East are very religious that is why

What bodies of water are important transportation corridors in the middle east?

give an example of a transportation barrier in the middle east