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Someone once said that those who do not learn about history repeat it (or something to that extent). If you don't want to bad things to happen again, learn about and try to prevent them. It is also important to study History because if you want to know how the world really started, then you can research History and try to find out.

History teaches us many vital lessons about life.

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Q: Why is it important to learn about history?
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Why is it important to know black history?

Because it is important to learn all history that affects us as citizens.

What is Uranus' important history?

Uranus history important because you can learn about who discovered the planet and you can write a story about it.

Important people in history?

if i say the answer you will no learn anythung

How do you use history in a sentence?

History is really important because we have to learn about our past.

Why is it important to learn a country's history?

Its is good to learn about both the good and bad history because you learn from the mistakes that they did and you understand the country more :) <3

Why is it important to study the history of sports?

It is important to learn the history of sports,because if you know the history of your fave sport youll play better

Why is it important for people in Canada to learn about aboriginal history?


Why should American students learn about the Holocaust?

because it is important to learn the history of other countries

Why does history matter?

History is important because we get to learn from others' mistakes. The old saying is: "those who do not learn from the mistakes of the past are doomed to repeat them."

Why it is important to study history?

It is important for us to study history so we will learn about the significant/important people and events in the past. It helps us understand why we are here and it helps us learn about the past so we can prepare for our future.

How can you use the word history in a sentence?

It is really important to learn about our past

Why are history and science important?

to learn / get motivated by things we don't know

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