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It isn't. It's important to separest Quebec's identity.

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Q: Why is the FLQ important to Canadian identity?
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Why study Canadian black history?

It is important to study Canadian black history in order to understand the influences that have shaped Canadian culture today. It is important to understand the roots of the Canadian black population.

What is the FLQ?

The FLQ, or the Front de libération du Québec was a violent Marxist group that perpetrated over 200 bombings and several murders in the name of Quebec sovereignty during the 1960's and early 1970's.For more detailed information, see the link.

What is Canadian identity?

To tell the truth no one can answer this question, it is all based on perception. Some people may say it is how many years you have spent in Canada or some people may say if you love hockey. This question is quite perplexing. --------- But not so perplexing for those with roots in the land going back hundreds of years. There is no "Canadian" identity. Canada is a Confederation of many Nations, each with it's own history and cultures, often many cultures. To suggest there is a Canadian identity is like suggesting there is an Asian identity. Sure there may be some common stereotypes seen by people from outside the area but for those inside the area they would not see a common identity Common causes, common histories maybe but each group has it's own identity. Canada is a Confederation of many Nations and cultures.

Why donovan bailey is important to Canadian history?

He helped us get over the Ben Johnson scandal.

How does the RCMP show Canadian identity?

There is no "Canadian Identity". Canada is a Confederation of many Nations each with many cultures and their own identity. One of those Nations include Ontario who saw Western Canada as their own. When those living in Western Canada rebelled against colonization by Canada many people in Ontario took it as an insult on many levels. Rebellions were not acceptable. The response was swift and violent and resulted in Canada, mostly Ontario, creating a paramilitary police force that would be permanently stationed in the West to keep the rebellious locals in check. In that way it shows that those from the Province of Canada are violently opposed to others having input in a Confederation their consider theirs and theirs alone.

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Why is the Canadian flag important?

because it gives the people there own identity

How many bombs did the FLQ?


How could the CBC influence Canadian Identity?

The CBC can influence Canadian identity through its programming that showcases diverse stories, perspectives, and cultures from across the country. By promoting Canadian content and facilitating national conversations, the CBC helps shape a collective sense of pride, belonging, and shared values among Canadians. Additionally, its coverage of important events, issues, and cultural initiatives can contribute to shaping and reflecting the evolving Canadian identity.

How did the growing influence of US culture threaten Canadian identity?

it threatens Canadian identity because most of the products, magazines, films, sold in Canada are from America, and this takes away Canada's way of expressing itself meaning the Canadian identity is being threatened by the influence of u.s.a.

How does immigration affect Canadian identity?

It affects an immigrants perspective on life. --------------------- There is no "Canadian Identity". Canada is a Confederation of many Nations with many cultures. Immigration enriches the Canadian Confederation by adding to those many cultures.

How important is your understanding to your identity asians?

It is very important to have a clear understanding of your identity as an Asian or any culture. Your identity defines who you are and is important factor of what makes the world unique.

Why is gordon lightfoot an important canadian?

gordon lightfoot is an important canadian because of his talent and how he sang canadian songs

How did the FLQ crisis end?

They put extreme protection around the prime minister and the people there were searchs for people of the FLQ, if there was suspection that you were in the FLQ then they would take you in or break in to your house they didn't need a permitte or anything the all had the authority to go in to anyones house. It all ended because there were to many cops around so they kidnapped two politicians James cross and Pierre Laporte they then asked for $500,000 in gold and for quebecs independence and to give FLQ members a free exit to cuba and they would be realised some did get to cuba and others were arrested for Laportes murder the people in cuba were all soon caught brought back to Canada and in jailed and most of the FLQ were caught and there were not enough left to proceed the harisment.

Who made the October Crisis?

Le Front de Liberation du Quebec (FLQ)

What is a Canadian status card?

It's an identity card First Nations people are entitled to.

What are some things that describe Canada's identity?

you can distinguish canadian if they say "eh" or "aboot"

Are Canadian identity and social justice linked?

Yes, Canadian identity and social justice are linked. Social justice principles such as equality, inclusivity, and human rights are fundamental to Canada's national identity, which values diversity and multiculturalism. The pursuit of social justice is seen as a cornerstone of preserving and strengthening Canadian identity.