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It was the sight of an alleged UFO landing in 1978

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It has been a rich source of humanoid fossils from all ages, especially early periods.

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Q: Why is the Great Rift Valley important?
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What is the difference between a rift valley and the Great rift valley?

The Great Rift Valley is one particular rift valley located in Africa. There are other rift valleys located in other parts of the world.

What important anthropological discovery was made in the Great Rift Valley?

One important anthropological discovery made in the Great Rift Valley is the uncovering of numerous fossil remains of early human ancestors, such as the famous Lucy specimen in Ethiopia. These discoveries have provided valuable insights into human evolution and migration patterns over the course of millions of years.

Why is the great rift valley split?

The Great Rift Valley was split because of an earthquake.

What type of fault is the great rift valley?

The Great Rift Valley is a divergent fault.

How is the Great Rift valley unique?

the great rift valley is unique because is the longest rift in the world. The great rift valley was maded by plates in the Earth crust. I hope that this really helps!

What is the great valley that's extends with several breaks from Syria to Central Mozambique?

The great Rift Valley

How does great rift valley work?

The great rift valley forms through a series of rifting.

How long is the Great Rift Valley in kilometres?

The Great Rift Valley runs for 6700 kilometers

What is it like to live in the great rift valley?

people dont live on the great rift valley

What is the Name of the Kenya rift valley tracking station?

The Great Rift Valley.....also can be called The Western Rift Valley

What sea is in the great rift valley?

The Sea of Galilee and the Red Sea are both in the Great Rift Valley.

Where is the Rift Valley?

The Great Rift Valley is in Eastern Africa It surrounds lake Victoria