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The indo gangetic plain is also called the northern plain . It is fertile because of the alluvial soil presnt in this region and also the rivers : indus , ganga , brahmaputra and its tributaries flow through this region making this region very fertile.

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Q: Why is the indo gangetic plain so fertile?
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Why is the indo-gangetic plain significant?

Because it is so heavily fertile. The land is perfect for farming, which makes it one of the most populated areas of the world.

How indo gangetic plain formed?

the main cause of these indo- gangetic plains were the himalayas. when the himalayas were formed, caertain big glaciers on it started to melt due to the hotness in the indian subcontinent. due to this, rivers like ganges and some others wre formed. himalayas constitute of very high peaks. it took lot of time for this stream of ganges to come down to the plains and so it could take a lot of dust and silt with it. when this ganges river came to the plains, it went crossing some orth and eastern states of india. these deposists of silts and dust continued till thousands of years and this is how the indo- gangetic plains were formed.

The extent of the peninsular plateau?

The Deccan plateau is a triangular landmass that lies to the south of the river Narmada.The Deccan plateau is higher in the west and slopes gently eastwards. It is separated by fault from the Chotanagpur plateau.The western Ghats forms its western boundary and theEastern Ghats forms its eastern boundary. The Deccan Plateau lies south of the Indo-Gangetic plain.

Why are the northern plains of India densely populated?

The Northern Plains of India are densely populated due to the fine alluvium deposits which makes the plain very fertile.Hence,many farmers prefer to settle here, people also settle here as it is the best landform to settle on and it has the most facilities like transportation, communication etc.

Why is the north Italian plain so fertile?

Because the flat land makes it easier to grow things on it, like crops for example.

Why do you think the indus river valley is so populated?

It is a fertile plain where farming can take place. Rivers can provide irrigation. -Maria

Why are there so many farmers in the north china plain?

The loess, (pronounce luss) the German word for "loose", is a yellowish-brown soil that is very fertile and FYI mostly located in the North China Plain, not many other places. :)

Why do so many people live on the Ganges plain?

The Ganges plain is a fertile region with a good water supply, making it suitable for agriculture. The river also holds religious significance, attracting people to settle along its banks. Additionally, the plain has historically been a trade route and a hub of cultural and economic activities, further contributing to the high population density in the region.

What doe the name Sharon mean?

in Hebrew שָׁרוֹן (Sharon) means "plain", referring to the fertile plain near the coast of Israel. This is also the name of a type of flowering shrub, the rose of Sharon. Some interpret the name to mean princess, but this is incorrect.

Why the red river valley was so fertile?

the soil was fertile

What is importance of northern plain?

Northern plains are so fertile. because the rivers that rise from the Himalayas flow through these plains and they bring some alluvial soil. That is one of the monst importance of Northern Plains.

Is swedish part of the indo aryan family?

i think so and my teacher told me yes swedish people is part of the indo aryan.