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Because it provided everything that the Indians need to live.

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Q: Why is the plain Indian buffalo important?
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What was the most important natural resource for the great plain Indian?

Buffalo and water were the most important natural resources for the Great Plains Indians.

What method did the plain indian used to hunt buffalo?

They used the fur to disguise themselves.

What animal is an important part of Makah Indian culture?


How were buffalos used for plains Indians?

Plain Indian hunters would work together to frighten a herd of buffalo, causing the buffalo to stampede over a cliff

What was the US government policy that brought the army into conflict with the Plain Indians?

Killing off the Indian's food supply (Buffalo).

Pioneer and Indian children used what as firewood?

Pioneer and Indian children used buffalo chips as firewood. The buffalo was an important resource for the native Americans and the early settlers.

What is the value of a set of 2001 buffalo Indian head silver dollars with copy number 1406?

About 300.00 Us Dollars plain and simple

Great plain animals?


What is something from the Plain's Indians culture that shows that buffalo were sacred to them?

Buffalo skulls are used as altars in certain Plains Indian ceremonies. The oldest known painted object in North America was a buffalo skull with a red painted zigzag, which was thought to be involved in a hunting ritual.

What did the great plain Indian tribes eat?

the great plains Indians eat lots of buffalo, elk, rabbit, moose, deer, insects, bugs, and carbo

What is a job for a plain Indian men?

They would hunt buffalo for food and tools, to hunt for buffalo, they would dress up in wolf skin, and since the buffalo don't mind wolfs, they don't care. So they would shoot a bow and arrow, and most of the time, they get one.

How does the great plain Indian find food?

Mostly, they would have hunted buffalo or other herd animals. They probably knew some edible plants to forage as well.