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because is about government

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Q: Why is the study of history not only about good citizenship?
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Does Yao Ming have dual citizenship?

No only Chinese citizenship

Why should you study African history?

African culture (just as well as any culture) and the country along with other countries is essential to study because you learn so much about not only its history, but your history. It does not matter what race you are, your ancestors most likely "played a part", so to say, in this particular area of history. It's just like the African slave trade and Middle Passage. Not only are they interesting topics to know, but teach you some part (most likely) of your history. Any history, good or bad, is wonderful to know.

What is involved in the study of church history?

The study of church history involves learning not only about the church itself but also about humanity and ones self. Faith, comfort and the interpretation of the Bible and God are all something that can be involved in this study.

Can you use your citizenship form to get into the US?

Only a green card holder already in the US for a minimum 5 year period, staying in the locality where he or she is applying for US citizenship for a minimum 3 month period and who has good moral character can apply for US citizenship. Person should be at least 18 years old and should pass the citizenship test in order to get US citizenship.

Was Hitler good at his school work?

no only history

Can you study Greek mythology in GCSE's?

Only in some good schools

Can a US president legally have dual citizenship?

No. The US president MUST have US citizenship only.

Can one born to a mother of US citizenship and father of African citizenship be president?

Only if you are born in the US.

How did Pablo Picasso change history?

He only changed history in the art category. he changed how people saw art from the naked eye, it is a very interesting thing if you study him.

Can the President revoke someones citizenship?

No, the President does not have the power to revoke someone's citizenship. Citizenship can only be revoked through a legal process, such as a judge's order in a criminal case or renunciation of citizenship by the person themselves.

Is history of the USA a good website?

yes it is good. although it is only a site on the 13 colonies

How do you renounce your us citizenship?

US citizenship can only be renounced in writing at a US embassy (i.e. outside the U.S.). Be sure you have citizenship in another country before doing this.