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It is important to know the history of management that it could help us to develop good organizations.History of management tell us that how different theories of management developed.Many great constructions of history like Egyptian pyramids and great chine's wall led us to know the management of these constructions.

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Q: Why studying management history is important?
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Why Philippine history connect in studying Hotel and restaurant management?

In studying Hotel and Restaurant Management, the study of Philippine history is important so as to learn about the past. Its importance is in learning about the evolution and development of Philippine hotel and restaurant service.

Why are relics used in studying history?

because it is important

What are the important sources of studying history?

try to avoid sleeping in the history class

why management study is important?

It is essential because it can save many life

What are the benefits of studying techniques in conflict management in the workplace?

The most important benefit of studying techniques in conflict management in the workplace is that it helps those who study it ease their workday from stresses.

What is the essence of studying history?

studying history helps us to know about our ancestors and the very important incidents like world war. we should know about the things happened in the past before we are born so by studying history we can know that.

What two important things people can learn by studying history?

Two important things people can learn from studying history is the grest triumphs of the past and the things that happened long ago that to not repeat again.

Discuss the importance of studying production and operations management?

the reasons of studying management manufacturing

Why are federal state funds important?

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Why did Petrarch think studying history is important?

Petrarch believed that studying history was important because it provided valuable lessons from the past that could guide individuals in the present. He viewed history as a source of wisdom that could help people avoid repeating past mistakes and inspire them to strive for greatness. Additionally, Petrarch believed that by studying history, individuals could gain a deeper understanding of human nature and society.

Importance of management history for southern California Edison?

Very important.

A management professor once said that for successful management studying the present was most important studying the past was next and studying the future was least important Do you agree Why?

this is so because at the present time it's possible to plan for the future. effective planning depends on the knowledge of the past for example if one had encountered challenges in the past, remedies can be put in place to ensure successful planning.